Boxer Building & Landscaping Ltd. (BBL) design and build projects tailored to you the customer. In listening to your ideas and budgets and finding workable solutions has ensured BBL have developed a large portfolio of satisfied customers. As a result BBL can support you in any aspect of garden renovations, driveways, patios and home improvements.


We believe that design is a key factor to any job. We listen to your ideas and make practical suggestions to help us discover your dream garden or driveway. BBL will show you layout ideas and offer a range of materials that can be used. Your new area will not only look pleasing to the eye, but will ensure easy maintenance. Your design idea may simply be to have something low maintenance, something that needs little to no grass cutting; or you may want to become a keen gardener so we can build in flower patches or even raised garden beds.


Your property will likely be your most valuable asset and represents a considerable investment. How important is it therefore that your driveway reflects the value you put on your property. A driveway does not just functional, but forms part of your properties entrance and therefore forms part of a visitor's first impression. Upgrading and even doubling the width can add significant value to your property. Our in depth knowledge of our supplier's products ensures we can offer you the best solution to enhance your property.


Our experience with fencing ranges across both domestic and commercial clients, a need that provides beauty, privacy and most of all security. We have a wealth of experience that not only allows us to erect a fence, but allow us to give you the client design options like chain link, palisade, picket, close boarded arris and more. Our company has staff with a long background in carpentry, which allows us to build custom gates and fencing to help fit a customer's property as not all properties are suited to the standard height and widths of gates and fences.

brick laying

A lot of the larger jobs we have done have required retaining walls to lay the garden out on various levels. This can be done in various materials from Timber, Brick or Rendered. With a great knowledge of suppliers we are able to match bricks to the house or track down any brick you have seen. The brick walls don't always have to look plain these can be have an extravagant design to them to make them more appealing.


Decking can be a cheaper alternative to paving. All timber used is dip and pressure treated for longer life expectancy. The decking can be painted in various colours to suit and a sand paint to prevent it being slippery when wet. We also offer repair / rejuvenation of your current decking area. In many cases the decking boards can be rotten but the structure itself is sound therefore we simply lift the old boards and lay new ones, this giving you a brand new decking area.

tree surgery

Tree and bushes can easily get out of hand, they make your garden look over grown and can block out excessive amounts of light, which intern can cause grass and flowers to wilt and can also cause damage to cars and building. So whether you are looking for someone to trim the trees back or cut them down completely we are capable to handle all jobs big or small; TPO's (Tree Preservation Orders) can be taken out to determine if the tree you are looking to have work on has a TPO on it. Like all jobs we carry out any waist that was created by the job will be cleaned up and if possible recycled.


Boxer Building and Landscaping pride themselves on taking on professional members of staff with backgrounds that can and do benefit us as a company and because a lot of our work has the need of a lot of woodwork we take on carpenters that can complete our jobs professionally. We are also pleased to announce that later on this year we will be opening a range of garden furniture and other wooden furniture.


We have ongoing maintenance jobs from the small domestic properties to the large commercial contracts. If you are looking for a one off garden clearance or a spark of garden rejuvenation or an ongoing maintenance visit, these can be Weekly, Bi Weekly or even a monthly visit.

material sourcing

From time to time we have customers looking for an unusual feature or material. With various suppliers all over the country we can always find the product you are looking for. Otherwise if you are looking for something unusual but don't know what, let us come up with some ideas that'll suit your property and design.