Chelmsford – Driveway.

The client wanted us to remove the existing tarmac driveway, which was damaged and broken, and replace it with new block paving.

They had found that the old driveway suffered from waterlogging, so to correct this, we suggested that a soakaway be installed. A soakaway varies in size depending on the amount of water we calculate it to take. The Soakaway is a simple way of dispersing surface and stormwater in situations where connection to the SW system is impractical or unwarranted. The basic principle is that of a ‘reverse well’ i.e. a ‘hole-in-the-gound’ that loses water rather than collecting water.

We laid the soakaway under the turf next to the driveway, this was then finished with topsoil and turf to hide the soakaway. The turf will grow without any sign of the soakaway being there.

We suggested using a red block paving stone for the driveway with a border of charcoal. The herringbone layout of the blocks is a good option for driveways because it stops blocks moving out of position when cars break or turn.

For this build we used: Red Lakeland block paver with charcoal edging and soakaway system.

Services Included

  • Driveway
  • Soakaway
  • New turf
  • Block Paving

Scott has just completed our decking for our back garden and it’s absolutely perfect! The quality of materials that are used are great and he has made our garden a pleasure to be in. I can’t thank him enough!

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